Erika Von Zoog

Figures in Glass, Paper, and more

Featured work

Kilnformed Glass

Figures in Glass

Wall panels and desktop sculptures. Figures in glass paint drawn from live models in the energetic Bay Area figurative style.

Installations and Mixed Media

Birds and the Bees

Nature bites back. Angry bees capture not so innocent bystanders. Birds and humans in declining relations.

Works on Paper


Life sized mannequin featured in Benicia Magazine to be auctioned at the Jefferson Mansion on September 14, 2021. Proceeds will be split between Arts Benicia and CORAL.

elevate your fruitbowl

Functional Glass

Food safe, dishwasher safe. Almost all work is created
with reclaimed glass from construction or art framing.


Enters the kiln light pink, edges darken, brain pattern emerges naturally from temperatures over 1400 degrees.


Bubble Glass

Trapped air bubbles make a small grid pattern, 



Another suitably soft metal to withstand the contraction of the cooling glass, developing wrinkles and color shifts.



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